Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Another inventory post

Inventory is finished at the store. So I decided to take a walk in the yard before the rains move in tonight. Another 3 days of rain in the forecast. What drought?

The window boxes are planted. This year I will use shoebox containers. I need to get 4 more to fill the boxes completely. Hopefully it will make it easier to change out as plants fade over the summer.

Anise Hyssop - Golden Jubilee. Check out that color! I'm going to take cuttings of this soon for the cloner. I want a huge mass of it this year.

And a baby that came from seeds I scattered last summer.

A pink sage is coming back. I thought it was gone.

The spirea is about to bloom.

The hostas under the oak tree are getting larger every day.

The grape vines are budding. These are seedless. I don't know which is which, but I have a Reliance, Mars, and a Himrod.

The oakleaf Hydrangea is leafing out. I was worried I had killed it with a late season move.

I do have a few things blooming. Daffodils, an azalea, and my favorite, dandelions.


Unknown said...

Everything looks like it's coming right along. We're all gonna have blooms yet!!! Loved the fav dandelion and I spotted it's good buddy clover there hanging out with it. ;-) Both of which I have lots of.

Laura said...

I'm trying 'Golden Jubilee' this year. Unfortunately it's not exactly hardy in my area (zone 5) but maybe if it's sited right it'll survive. My azalea looks like it survived the winter but it will be a while before there are any flowers. The hosta haven't started popping up yet nor have the dandelions- but I'm sure I will have no shortage of them!

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

Clover is very good for the soil. It releases nitrogen for the grass. Later this summer, the clover will die off due to heat, after it reseeds. The lawn will use the nitrogen.

Golden Jubilee is very pretty, IMO. It should bloom the first year from seed, I think. You can always take cuttings and overwinter them inside. Just don't cut any of the dead stalks back until spring, and mulch heavily.

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

Love the hyssop! I can't believe how far along your hostas are. Ours are just coming out of the ground.

Anonymous said...

Tom, I've had about 15 of the Golden Jubilees in my front bed for (this makes) 3 years. I wintersowed them and they have been going strong ever since. I think you will enjoy them. They are so trouble free.

During the winter here they die back to a small clump but don't actually disappear. The brightest leaf color for me is now, early spring. Later they get a little muddier but by then the bloom is taking over the show.

Last year I learned that I can cut back the ones in the front of the bed and they will bloom at a shorter height. That is useful because otherwise they are all one height and look a little leggy with nothing planted down front. Cutting them back before they bloom generally helps them stay bushier and nicer, I think.

Keep taking pictures - it'll be fun to see how yours develop!

Linda in SC