Thursday, March 26, 2009


One of my favorite perks of acting as the Live Nursery Specialist at the store is that I have access to all the varieties of plants available for order. Most of them are the usual run of the mill varieties. My favorite part of the job is knowing when something that's been ordered will be arriving.

Here's my new Carolina Jasmine for the arbor in the perennial bed. It will be planted opposite the new yellow climbing rose.

Look at all those seed pods.

My new Georgia Belle Peach tree.

I'm not exactly sure where to plant it yet. I want to start a mini orchard. Behind the hoophouse, I have three varieties of seedless grapes that are going on their second year. I may plant it back there. It will only get 10' x 20'. I can always pruned it to keep it smaller. It's not a really pretty tree at the moment. I am assuming it has already blossomed and I won't get peaches this year.

And then there are the small finds. This is an annual that can tolerate full sun, is easily propagated, and will add some interest to the perennial bed. It should reach a height of 36" and spread about 2' wide. It's Alternanthera dentata.

Next week, I will be placing an order for more fruit trees. I will be sure to add an additional dwarf cherry tree that also needs no pollinator. With an ever shrinking yard, I won't have too many places to put two or three trees of each variety. Maybe I should take a ride to Locust, NC and pick up one of those fabled "Fruit cocktail" trees. They have apple, pear, and peach. Each one contains grafts of several varieties on a single root stock.


Anonymous said...

I've always been kind of skeptical of those fruit cocktail trees, but mostly because I see the ads on the back of the Sunday Parade magazine - not too reputable. Tomorrow I get to go to Lowe's to buy picket fencing to replace my dilapidated one. I've been holding it together with string for the last two years. A present for myself.

Jean Campbell said...

Alternanthera! One of my favorites. I have a red that I keep going with cuttings through the winter, added a chartreuse last year that I just love, and yearn for a purple. They are such great fillers and the fall color of the red is super.

Dirt Princess said...

I love Carolina smells wonderful

DebMc said...

I envy you in planting cherry trees...or any fruit trees. Cherries hate our Texas heat. I love your Carolina Jessimine. I've tried planting it, but my dog loves it, too. After three tries, I gave up.

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

Happy Birthday Jill. I meant to leave you a message this morning, but I got busy.

Nell, I really hope it works out nicely in the garden. I have lots of spots this year that will need some foliage color instead of green.

Carolina Jasmine is one of my favorite vines. It stays green here year round and starts to bloom in mid February. I'll be taking cuttings of it later this summer.

Deb, I hope the cherry trees arrive soon. I don't want to dig holes in dry soil here. Too many rocks. I already have a spot picked out for it.