Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What happens overnight?

Yesterday, I made a list of things I "need" to get done today.

1. Go to landfill. Get two loads of mulch.
2. Hang 2 wire trellises on rear of house for moonvines.
3. Separate sprouts from non-sprouting wintersown containers.
4. Haul brush from gully to the street for tomorrow's collection.
5. Anything else I can think of.

As I sit here this morning having my coffee, I realize that very little of that will get done today. What happened while I slept to change all my plans? Was I just being overly ambitious yesterday as I lay in the hammock testing it's location? As my mom says, 'My eyes were bigger than my stomach.' I do need to get some of those things done this week. And tomorrow is collection day here in my town. There's a lot of brush that needs to be removed from the gully. It could take all day. Maybe I'll have another cup of coffee before deciding what to do.

It's 50 degrees and foggy. There's a small chance for rain in the forecast, but nothing shows on the radar map as of yet.

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Jean Campbell said...

I find it easier to make a longer list, for the week. Cross off what gets done each day. It somehow seems less of a burden if there's no real deadline. Anything that you find to do that wasn't on the list, add it after the chore is done (and cross off), so you see how much you're really doing.