Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Perennial Bed

Sunday's picture taken Saturday afternoon.


The next few weeks should be interesting as the temperatures start to climb.

Anise Hyssop "Golden Jubilee" has returned.

The ornamental grasses are putting out new growth.

The knockout roses are leafing out again.

Shasta daisies divided and transplanted in December are multiplying again.

The transplanted echinacea looks healthy.

Wintersown Dianthus "Sweet William" is hanging on strong even as temperatures have dipped well below freezing.

It's 41 degrees and overcast. A light rain passed through early this morning.


Heather said...

Yeah! You have signs of life in your yard. Someone should. It looks nice. Still covered in snow here in Idaho. I must ask, how do you keep up on the weeding, I didn't see any but also no weed cloth. My yard would be overrun.

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

There are lots of weeds here and there. The beds are fairly new though. I used the lasagna bed method last fall/summer. There's a link in the "Useful Links" section on the right hand side. Newspaper and cardboard over the grass with leaf mold and wood bark over the top. I put between 6 and 8 inches of material over the newspaper last year.

When weeds do sprout, they easily pull out of the soft leaf mold.

Anna/Flowergardengirl said...

Looks like it's all coming along nicely. It's so windy today isn't it? I do see that your plants are slightly further along than mine but that would make sense with me being a bit north of you here in NC.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

Wow your hyssop really is coming up. Mine have just barely started to peak out. Hope your weather stays warm.

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

Anna, we're a bit of a microclimate out here with the hills and the lakes. A few cold days don't make a big difference in average temperatures. Plus, the black leaf mold really helps move things along. Also needs more water in the summer than "regular" dirt. I'm almost a zone 8 by most accounts.

Catherine, when that plant died down this past December, I thought it was a goner. We had so much rain. I'm glad to see it's coming back. I hope it reseeded as much as I think it should. I scattered seeds all around it this fall. I also wintersowed 2 containers just in case. It's a great plant to bring in the pollinators. And it smells great with lime green foliage and purple flowers.