Saturday, February 7, 2009

Can you feel it?

There's an excitement in the air here today. The birds are chirping like crazy outside. From the dining room where I have my desk set up temporarily, I just saw a blue bird climb into a knot hole on the old oak tree out front. I've set up bird houses in the backyard, but no birds have taken residence. Maybe next year.

It's only 30 degrees, but the forecast is for 70 by 3pm. It's sunny without a cloud in the sky. For those that have never been to NC, this is Carolina Blue.


I don't really have an agenda today other than to spend as much of it outside as possible. The family has decided to come up this evening to grill some steaks. My dad is bringing some left over fertilizer for the veggie garden. I should probably clean the house a little before they get here. With all the remodeling I have done, there's dust everywhere. I swear just walking across the old hardwoods stirs up more.

But first, another cup of coffee. I'm so excited. Spring is coming. I can feel it.

2:54pm - 70 degrees and still sunny. A simply beautiful day. I moved some perennials, some more daffodils, some hyacinths. I moved the ditch lilies from the driveway into the perennial bed. And I finally got that coreopsis divided.

I also took note of all my wintersown sprouts.

Trailing carnations
dianthus - pinks maiden, sweet william, albus
alyssum (sprouted in early Jan, mostly dead)
bee balm - violet queen, lemon mint
salvia - blue bedder, rose queen, blue queen
larkspur - earl grey
coreopsis - red
hollyhocks - white, indian summer, yellow, double yellow, rose, mixed
echinacea - Tennesseensis, magnus, bravado, paradox, white swan
nicotiana - purple, sylvestres
shasta daisy mix
columbine - purple, burgundy
white lancer lily
cupid's dart
foxglove - white/purple
poppy - unknown red
hibiscus - giant red
rudbeckia - goldstrum, autumn colors
maltese cross
scabiosa - cream, white
sea holly
mountain bluet
buddelia - black knight
lambs ear
catchfly - blue angel, german
liatris - white
dame's rocket
jupiter's beard
agastache - white
Queen Anne's Lace
mock orange
beauty bush
salad bowl lettuce
red cabbage
golden acre cabbage
red carrot
autumn king carrot
virginia stock

Not bad for the first week of February. I'll plant out the veggies tomorrow.


Jean Campbell said...

Well, I'm impressed. A great start on Spring and veggies, too.

Kris said...

What a list! Mind blowing. :-D
Love the way your profile description changes. You got me curious and visited winter sowing forum. Now I'm hooked.
Got up to 48F yesterday. Snow melting everywhere. YAY!!!