Thursday, February 5, 2009

Taking inventory

I decided today would be a good day to take inventory of what I have on my propagation rack in the basement. These plants are Rooted cuttings or were started from Seed. I did not inventory the hoop house, the aerochamber, or the bottom heat contraption. I also did not count the 170 wintersown containers in the driveway.


This weekend, I will try to inventory the hoophouse and will add more as I pot up seeds in the chambers. I also want to sort the wintersown sprouts from those that haven't germinated. Some of them are in need of a light fertilizing and might get potted into individual containers and moved into the hoophouse.

It's starting to look like a backyard nursery here.


Tessa said...

Wow! You have a ton growing! I'll be sure to check back and see how they are doing. Now I'm off to check out your setup. Happy Gardening.

F Cameron said...

You're doing great! So organized, too!