Friday, May 8, 2009

What's Next?

Dennis in Greensboro writes, "I've been following for a little bit of time now. A couple of weeks ago, you had in your profile that it was time for a new plan. What's next?"

Well Dennis, the new plan is to wait. Yep. I'm just going to wait and see what develops. The past few months have been about sowing seed and growing plants to put in the garden. They are in their homes now. So what am I waiting for? The blooms.

In the meantime, I can pull plants that aren't making the grade. The shirley poppies have got to go. They've looked like weeds since the first day I noticed them. Now, they look even worse. The rain has really made a mess of them. I'll continue to add rooted cuttings to the beds. I'll keep planting out maturing seedlings. I'll prune, pinch, and deadhead for a while. By the end of summer, I'll know what I need and where I need it.

This morning, I have 3 6-packs of French Marigolds that need to go into the tomato patch. I direct sowed my own seeds a few weeks ago, but like all my other attempts, I believe these were mules. Very few germinated. Even fewer have survived the 90 degree temperatures or the biblical rains. These purchased marigolds will help keep the bugs off my tomatoes. Or at least that's the plan.

So what's next for this garden? Lots of hammock time, some sweet tea, and living life in between harvests.


compost in my shoe said...

Well have fun hanging in the trees this weekend. Hope it dries up your way!

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

I wish I had time to hang in the trees this weekend. Working on Saturday, visiting mom on Sunday, back to work Monday. I need a vacation already. How do people work 5 days a week and get everything done? I really liked it better when I set my own schedule.

Jill-O said...

I do work 5 days a week, and I can tell you, you don't get everything done. You just do the best you can. Luckily, I can stay outside working until 9-9:30 in the summertime.

Jeff Vandiver said...

Sweet tea and a hammock sounds like a relaxing time, for sure.