Sunday, May 31, 2009

Thanks Trevor and Jackie

For the food, the plants, and the great time as always.

I spent the weekend helping to remodel the front of the garage. Last month, we replaced the old sliding doors with a brand new facade. When I left today, it was mostly finished. There's some more painting to be done, a few details, and light fixtures.



In exchange for helping, we went plant shopping. At Home Depot, he picked up some things for his yard. But at Lowe's, we racked up. Seems they had the same problem we did, but with a different nursery. So I got four Osmanthus fragrans about 4' tall for $5 each. $94 worth of plants for $21 including tax. I also got two types of grasses, three containers of yarrow (yellow/orange and red), a wine and roses weigela, a Korean lilac that has already bloomed, a $25 container of bamboo for $1.75, and several other things. I spent the 3 hours driving home trying to figure out where I would put it all. With a few plants looking really haggard after the rains, I'm going to yank a few of those and install some of the new ones.

As a special treat, Jackie brought me a shovel just as I was preparing to leave. There was an offshoot of her Goldflame spirea growing just under the mother plant. I dug it up. Tomorrow after work, I will repot it into a large container and allow it some time to recuperate before subjecting it to next week's 90+ temperatures.

Thanks again. Had a great time. See you again soon.


Anonymous said...

Hi Tom,
Looks like you had a fun weekend. You mentioned the problem Lowe's had with a nursery....?????? Curious as to what the problem was. I noticed in my area that Lowe's was having some great plants at unusually LOW mark down prices for this time of year.

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

Vendors are sending plants that the stores didn't need, want, or order. They did that to us last month. Lots of excess inventory at the stores causes the markdowns. Good for those of us that like to buy. Bad for business. ;)