Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The house needs attention.

With so many things happening in the garden, I've ignored the house for way too long. Today I plan to caulk the exterior doors I had installed last summer. I'd like to paint the trim and doors themselves, but it's probably too wet for that.

Inside, the hall trim still needs to be painted. The bathroom door has developed issues since the humidity of spring arrived. I've got the original doors downstairs. I may finish stripping the 60 years of paint and rehang them if I have time.

The screen door off the kitchen needs attention too. I'll scrape and sand it this afternoon when the thunderstorms roll in. I want to replace the existing door with a 15-lite metal door, but funds are currently lacking. Perhaps if I hadn't spent so much money on plants.... ;)

It should be a full day of catching up on these minor chores. It's currently cloudy and misting with a temperature of 70 degrees. No gardening today though I will probably pull a few more weeds when I take my morning stroll. Where's my coffee?

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