Friday, May 15, 2009

Thank Gardenia it's Friday.

Not that it matters much. My next day off is Wednesday. Rain in the forecast today and especially tonight. It's 66 and cloudy.

Planted an orange rose yesterday. At the store, we received a shipment intended for Mother's Day weekend late that Sunday night. So this weekend, we've got them priced for $4.98 each just to clear out the inventory. They're 2 gallon pots with tea roses of all colors. It was hard decided on just one, but it's all I would allow myself to buy. From what I hear, they're hard plants to grow here with our humidity and heat. So maybe next year I'll add to the collection.

I also scattered another bag of seeds. This one was a daisy mixture. Lots of gaillardia, black eyed susans, coreopsis, and orange cosmos. That's what I really wanted. I traded away all my seeds thinking I wouldn't use them this year. But the area around the birdbath did not reseed as well as I thought it would. I have a few cleome sprouts out of thousands of seeds I tossed around. I blame the wood mulch, again. Whatever grows will be dealt with as the summer goes. Some perennials in the bag of seeds may get moved. Annuals will be deadheaded or seeds collected if I like the flowers.

It's still just one big experiment.


sandy petals said...

I love the way you scatter seeds around. I do that too, but always manage to uproot the seedlings thinking they are weeds.
I'm really enjoying your blog.

Jean Campbell said...

You do mean Hybrid Tea, not tea rose, right? Hybrid Teas are what are usually seen at Mother's Day.

Take a second look if you see:
Double Delight
Louise Estes
Mister Lincoln
Touch of Class
and these which are Grandifloras but usually sold with the HTs:
Queen Elizabeth
Gold Medal
Pink Parfait
Tournament of Roses

-- among the hardier, most were AARS winners.

I try not to think about roses too much, I looked in my book for these.

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

Nell, there was a Queen Elizabeth in the mix. It's gone now. And yes, I did mean hybrid tea rose.

THanks Sandy. It's just my way of keeping track of what I do and when.

Jim/ArtofGardening said...

Scattering seeds? That's crazy talk. That's like leaving nature to decide for itself what will happen. There's no way I'll let that happen–tall plants in back, correct distances from each other, colors have to compliment each other. Sun requirements need to be met, serious composting and mulching has to occur. And if something's out of whack, it gets replanted.

Gardeners think too much & work too much.

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

Jim, I'm taking a casual approach with this one area. I've tried to manipulate it myself. It has fought me all the way. So this time, it decides what grows. At least a few cleome came up and are growing.