Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I worked late yesterday and didn't get to spend any time wandering around the yard. This morning, I found several surprises.

Purple nicotiana. It's not scented like I was told, not even at night.

Morning Glory. knola black.

In the white bed, a purple petunia is blooming. It was supposed to be gomphrena, white.

Another wintersown petunia is blooming.

This one has purple stems.

Ditch lilies by the front steps are about to bloom.

Coreopsis "Early Sunrise". Blooms early and all summer if deadheaded. Tends to flop with rain.

I'm off today. As soon as it warms up to 60, I'll get dressed, mow the yard, do some edging, weed the potager a bit, and set up my outdoor propagation chamber. There will be pictures.

It's currently 58 on the window and 52 on the web. Another cup of coffee should be had. Been up for 3 hours. Can't sleep late even on my day off. I listen to NPR in the truck. It's not uncommon to find me mumbling to myself in the yard wondering where I left my trowel. It sucks getting older.

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