Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

And yes, it's raining. It's a fine misting rain, but enough to make you wish you didn't have to be outside in it for the next 8 hours.

On my morning walk around the yard, I found some new things.

Mister Lincoln has 3 blooms. This is the nicest one.

More Confederate Rose seeds have germinated. Must be all the rain.

Zinnia buds in the direct sown bed next to the potager.

A huge squash bloom. It's well over 4" wide.

After my failed attempt to germinate Eastern Redbud seeds (they can take two years), I saw this one peeking out from under a nandina near the Magnolia tree.

Datura metel has bloomed again. I have a severe slug problem in this area.

Yvonne's salvia, said to reach 4' or more is trying, again, to bloom. I'm just going to let it. Mine are just over 2' tall.

I think my orange (or maybe yellow) brugmansia has formed a "Y". Blooms shouldn't be too many weeks away now. I could be wrong.

Coreopsis "Early Sunrise" blooms just scream out from the front bed on a cloudy day like this.

And finally, when I was sitting on the front porch having my morning coffee, I noticed some commotion in the hanging basket above my head. Yep, what I believe to be Carolina Wrens have built a nest.

66 and cloudy. 60% chance of thunderstorms this afternoon. Better get back to work on that ark. Rain in the forecast through Friday.

2:40pm - 79 and scattered showers with short bursts of really hot sunlight. That's the perfect recipe for severe thunderstorms that are still being talked about at the store and on the radio. Maybe it will hold off until 6pm when I leave for the day. Mister Lincoln is completely open now. Funny what a little sunshine can do.


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Good morning Tom,

You've got a lot happening in your gardens, and how cool is that little nest.

We have had a lot of rain this past week. Wednesday night lots of rain, wind and hail. It made me think of the hurricanes we've been through although not near as bad. Still had an upset stomach though. Sat. morning it poured for about 2 hours, so much that our claw foot tub filled up about 8-12", and the road out front was flooded over the sidewalk. I made it to work an hour late, and it hasn't rained since. We are supposed to get more today and tomorrow, we'll see.

I hope the rain you get doesn't do in any of your plants, but makes them all happy to be alive and growing.

Have a nice day today ~ FlowerLady

Corner Gardener Sue said...

I enjoyed your post and the update FlowerLady gave, even if it wasn't great news. Hi FL, if you read this!

Jean Campbell said...

Look closely at that Datura. You may have a caterpillar of Sphinx Moth. I don't know why critters want to munch on foliage that smells so unpleasant, but they do. My purples are starting to bloom.

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

Nell, so far I have only found slugs. I have a lot of host plants in the gardens and don't use any chemicals. I have some wood ashes to spread around for the slugs, if it ever stops raining.

FlowerLady, so happy to hear you are finally getting some rain. Maybe it could be spaced out better. :)

Thanks Sue. I see your veggies are starting to fill in too.