Thursday, May 21, 2009

Note to self...

The squirrel will eventually figure out a way to reach the birdfeeder hung from the tree in the back yard. I moved the feeder yesterday after watching this same squirrel eat gobs of seed all morning. It has spent two hours staring at the feeder this morning. It's just slow, not stupid.

The coreopsis "Early Sunrise" I moved last evening is doing fine this morning. It was hidden in a clump of Black Eyed Susans in the perennial bed. It will be much happier in the bed next to the chimney. I'll be propagating lots more to fill that whole bed after seeing a house on Montgomery with the same mass planting.

There was no rain in the forecast, but a light sprinkling has passed by in the last hour. The grass is only slightly damp.

The next time I let someone borrow the tiller and the gas can, I'll be sure to fill the lawnmower first if I'm planning to cut the grass.

The sun is coming out now. I'll be heading out after I finish my coffee to take a few cuttings. Yesterday I checked my geranium cuttings that were stuck two weeks ago. One cutting had a tiny root sticking out of the bottom. That's my first success with geraniums. I should fertilize the ones out by the mailbox to take more cuttings next month of this very heat tolerant plant.

The gutters still need to be cleaned. I have a few hours this morning. I suppose I could do that today since I can't mow the yard.

It's 63 and overcast. Another warm day with highs in the upper 70s. There's laundry to do, dishes that need to be washed, a cat box that should have been scooped yesterday, and weeds to pull. Did I mention there's coffee to drink too? Oh yeah, I did.

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