Monday, March 21, 2011

Beyond Daffodils.

We have honest, true blooms in the garden.

Money Plant. Tucked in between the camellias. I tossed these seeds out last summer. They survived the winter. I hope they reseed well.

Siberian Wallflower. Wintersown. Or scattered. Looks planted.

Euphorbia. I forget which variety and it's not really a bloom.

Nina Simone would love this plant. Euphorbia "Blackbird".

I paired it with a yellow striped yucca. Both are evergreen through the winter. I've added some other greens and golds in the form of shrubs, grasses, and sedums.

It's 77 degrees. Hoot!


Jean Campbell said...

All of those are things that I don't grow for no particular reason. Yours look good.

David - Pinewood Cottage said...

oh, that money plant will reseed - i can promise you that.

Jimmy said...

I wish my money market account would increase like your money plant WILL.

LeLo said...

I love those black euphorbias. So goth! Your mention of Nina Simone is spot on. But 77? I am so jealous.

gld said...

Tom, I just pull up the entire plant (lunaria) once it is very dry and shake it over the area I want lots of money plants to grow.

We were 79° yesterday!