Thursday, March 10, 2011

Scheduled a showing.

The realtor called yesterday. I wasn't home. She sent me an email about 10pm last night. Another realtor has asked for a showing today between 5 and 7pm. I emailed her back to agree. I've got mixed feelings.

When I put the house on the market, I had a clear plan of what I was doing. I would apply for a manager's position inside the box. I'd put the house on the market. I'd work in plumbing until Spring when I would begin applying for transfers in a couple warmer cities. By the time the larkspur bloomed, the house would be sold and I'd be moving. The larkspur should bloom by the middle of April.

Things have changed. I'm in the job I need to be in for two years. I hadn't planned on that. In preparation for the party, I've learned to love my house again. I love watching the plants come back in the spring. I love the wide open windows and brightness of the rooms on sunny days. I love my kitchen. I'm even learning to love the basement space now that it's almost empty and mostly clean. So I hope these people come back with a ridiculously low offer, if they make an offer at all.

I'm not ready to sell my house, yet. It's not done.


Jimmy said...

The Fickle Finger of Fate!

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

Things are starting to get sore. Pick at it and it'll never heal.

Darla said...

Follow your hear Tom...these are life changing decisions.....I am looking forward to seeing your gardens grow this season again..and I love your home.

Unknown said...

Perhaps you're really in a good position, and just don't realize it yet. If they come in with a ridiculously HIGH offer, you can always transfer some plant to the new place!

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

May it all work out in your favor, one way or the other. I love your home and gardens too.

A few years back I was so ready to move, we didn't have our home on the market or anything like that, I was just ready for something different. Then I started looking at our humble abode with different eyes, and a different attitude and learned contentment and to love it.

You are in my thoughts today. wishing you the best.


Randy Emmitt said...


In this market if you get an offer that is reasonable take it. That is 'if' you want to sell the house.

Bonnie said...

I hope it all works out for you. I am always amazed the way things work out when I keep my hands out of it. Good luck! Bonnie

gld said...

I am not surprised at your mixed feelings. I love your house and gardens too!

A really large house and 20 acres just sold very near to the farm. I was amazed because the listing price was pretty you may be surprised. Be prepared.

Do you have to sell if they offer the asking price?