Wednesday, March 9, 2011

On the windowsill.

10 days soaking in water, the first canna seed has cracked. These were collected from my sister's red/orange plants. I'm hoping to add more variety around the perennial bed.

Pussywillow. Six days.

My sister called yesterday to ask about that yellow blooming shrub that she's seeing everywhere these days. I told her, "Forsythia. How many do you want?" So I'll stick more cuttings today that will eventually be used to make her six shrubs. Patience, Sister.

It's 48 degrees and cloudy. Rain this evening and tomorrow. I'm going grocery shopping before I play in the yard. Dinner this evening with friends in Charlotte. Two days off starts now. Woot!


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

I guess I need to soak some canna seeds I have too, as they don't seem to sprout in seed mix. How neat that you can get pussy willows going from cuttings by putting them in water.

Enjoy your two days off, and your dinner tonight with friends.


gld said...

Tom, you definitely have the touch when it comes to rooting things and growing from seed.

Wonder if my Kerria would root in water. I will soon find out.

Have a great two days off.

Tessa said...

I've always wanted pussywillow. We had one when I was younger and I loved it! I didn't know you could stick the branches in water to root them! Now I have to find someone that has one!

compost in my shoe said...

Doesn't take too much patience with forsythia. It would root in your mouth or placed under your armpit in no time!

Randy Emmitt said...


I did not know you could grow cannas from seed. I'm growing camellias from seed, took 6 weeks to sprout. My best plants have 4 leaves already.