Sunday, March 20, 2011

My Camellias.

I've been in this house over 3 years and have never seen blooms on some of these camellias. I'm hoping the final one yet to bloom is a pink one, but someone liked red.

Before we get to that, I spent the morning sowing canna and windmill palm seeds. I put them in cups. I also potted out the willow cuttings. With containers by the trash can, it must be spring.

The hyacinths and pansies along the front walk are an odd combination. I think next year, I'll do solid yellow and white.

This fall, I'll move the one surviving seedling from my sister's Bloodgood Japanese Maple. I dug it up last spring. I didn't know any had survived.

I moved a camellia from a shady corner in the yard where I already have another to the front slope. I also planted the white one I bought yesterday.

Besides being a double white, I couldn't help but chuckle at the name.

The previous owner also planted a short hedge of camellias. There may have been more, but they're long gone. When I moved in, they were scraggly tall ugly things. I cut them to the ground having no idea what they were. I let them regrow. The big one has impressed me the most. It's the pink with a yellow center I've shown other times. On either side, there's a smaller, but double red. The photos show pink, but it's red. It's not lipstick by any means. But it is red.

The one in front.

The one nearer the gully.

Across the driveway, the red one I moved last fall has bloomed. Sort of. The center should be red and white striped. It's an odd bloom. Can't wait to see it fill in at 8-10' tall and wide.

It's 57 degrees and overcast. Great day both with the weather and in regards to the almanac for moving plants and starting seeds. Super full moon, indeed. Back to work tomorrow.


Jimmy said...


I love the color combo of the pansies along the walk. And those camellias. WOW!

Jean Campbell said...

Pretty powerful pansies you have along the walk.

The camellias you cut to the ground are bounding back well. January's prolonged cold was not kind to camellias this year.

Photographing camellias is the pits. If sunlight hits the blossom the relection ruins the shot on the reds and pinks.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

I love those pansies, and your camellias are beautiful!

Your weather sounds nice. It is partly sunny, 81 and feels like it is 84. We need rain as we are in drought conditions. :-(

Happy Spring and Happy Gardening,


gld said...

Tom those pansies are the prettiest color I have ever seen!

Camellias.....I have to enjoy them in your southern gardens. They have the most perfect shaped blooms.

Ellie said...

I love the colors of the hyacinths and the pansies. Bright red and bold pink - wow! Those are the colors we need after a long winter.