Friday, March 25, 2011

Four camellias

Another camellia post. I bought two 1 gallon plants yesterday.

I picked through until I found ones with two plants in each container. Two plus two equals four. I'll separate them out before planting them. A little pruning, some fertilizer, and they'll grow into nice shrubs in a few years.

The dogwoods are blooming.


It's 48 degrees. Dropped down into the upper 30s last night. Two chances of no frost this weekend. It's not gonna happen.


Jimmy said...

check out the website "Camellia Forest". It is in Chapel Hill. You might want to make a day trip to see the fabulous blooms.

Jimmy said...

(I left out) ...since you have acquired an addiction!

Randy Emmitt said...

Both of these look interesting, hope it works dividing them.
Yesterday we visited Airlie Gardens in Wilmington. Hundreds of camellias most up to 90 years old in bloom, wow! Never heard of either of the two. I picked up 6-8 free seedlings from Meg's daughter yard.

Unknown said...

Something that large is a challenging "addiction" in the garden! I thought my salvia fetish was bad, but your latest love will be huge in years to come. I can vouch for Camellia Forest being an incredible place to visit, as well!

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

Thanks for the tip. I checked out their website. Yellow camellias that are cold hardy to 15*. I could plant one near the house to protect it.

Randy I divided the ones I bought last year. All 4 survived.

Yes Tim, this is a large addicition, but I took out some trees this winter in the backyard and need some shade tolerant plants. These evergreens will be perfect for creating a backdrop in the winter.

Jimmy said...

It sounds to me you are getting in to "layering". A true landscape art in itself!

Betty819 said...

Hey, Tom, that Carolina Jessamine is pretty..would it grow up here in my area? Do they need a trellis to grow on? Bet they smell wonderfully sweet.
It was 28 degrees this morning when I got up and was bitter cold all day. I planted 3 (4pk)of pansies that I bought on Wedesday and almost froze. Had to come in and warm up my hands because they were in pain..have Raynaud's syndrome and didn't have any gloves on. Came in and ran them under the hot water till they got feeling back into them and the blood started recirculating.

Novelty Pens said...

I love the sunlight through the Dogwoods. Beautiful!