Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Yesterday, it seemed everyone on my sidebar was posting blooms for Garden Bloggers Bloom Day. I've never participated before. During my lunch break, I searched the yard for blooms. I found two things, aside from pansies and violas. Those aren't my favorite flowers and I only have a couple of each.

The red camellia is managing to put out new blooms even through the cold and rain.

Two tiny crocuses were sporting blooms. Neither have been captured while fully open.

That's it. Several daffodils are threatening to bloom. Maybe by the middle of next week they'll be open. The buds are nice and swollen. They just need a little more warmth and sunshine. The next 6 days might give it to them.

More snow in that forecast just as I start my first vacation of the year. If I don't get it in now, I won't have another chance until after July 4.

It's currently 28 degrees and sunny. If my dad isn't able to get one of the two monster chainsaws repaired by Thursday, I'll be planting my peas, cabbages, and carrots in one of the two raised beds. I'll just have to wait until mid afternoon when the ground is thawed. They'll be protected with cloches. They've been sprouted in the hoophouse for a couple weeks now.


Darla said...

It's cold here too. Frost and ice all over this morning. One crocus bloom for me, lots of swollen narcissus buds, one retarded Camellia bloom...sigh I know you are excitied about your vacation, but how much rest will you really get?

L. D. said...

That is one tough camellia. We are going to have five straight days without snow. It will be a record for us this winter. Take care.

Jean Campbell said...

Blooms is blooms. Don't knock violas, those are tough little critters. They stand up to the wind and whatever falls on them.

Today is foliage followup. I know you have foliage.