Thursday, February 4, 2010

Another Day Off.

Yep, three in a row this week thanks to a few vacation hours I was going to lose if I didn't take them. I awoke without any sense of urgency this morning. I do have plans, but I can take my time. Rain will be moving in again by this evening and throughout the day tomorrow.

Things to do today:

- Finish splitting the wood I cut yesterday. Bring as much as I can into the basement.

- Clean and refill the cloner. It's time to take cuttings of pineapple sage.

- Water all the light rack plants. Discard any unhealthy plants.

- Maybe sift some dirt from penny pansies.

- Lunch.

- Nap.

10:11am - The cloner is clean. I potted up 2 rooted brug tips, two rose cuttings (one from Carla's pink rose and one that may or may not be a knockout), and stuck several unrooted cuttings back into the cloner. The fig in there is beginning to push out root initials, but it's a long way from being ready to pot up. Baby figs were popped off to conserve energy. I'll take pineapple sage cuttings this evening once the water temperature has regulated.

12:17pm - I'm so over splitting wood, it's just not funny. I'm going to spend the rest of the day doing gardening related stuff. I have several nandinas I rescued for a penny each I plan to put in the bed by the front walk. I want to cut back several ornamental grasses, too. I might even do a little weeding in the perennial bed since the ground is so wet. The weeds don't stand a chance. Still need to move wood inside, though.

Another pot of black bean chili is simmering on the stove. Should be ready to eat by 3pm. It's 41 degrees, cloudy, and bleak.


L. D. said...

Just this morning, my mind started wandering and I am now thinking about what I need to get started for planting in April or May. Because of you, I am headed around the neighborhood to get some bushes started too in the spring. They are all dormant now but maybe in March when the are budding I can get on it. Have another good day off. We are headed to the city this pm for a little browsing and relaxing.

Jill-O said...

I ended up with almost a whole day off today. I had to replace my dead hot water heater. While waiting for the handyman to show up I got most of my basement cleaned. Still had to work this evening but felt a large sense of accomplishment. Maybe if I got the handyman to come over at least once a week, I could catch up on my housework. It seems to be a good motivator.