Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What a day.

I spent an hour this morning laying down more paint in the kitchen. I still have to do the wall behind the fridge. I guess I can mark my calender on Saturday for that. It's supposed to be nasty with freezing rain, again.

Once the mail came, I had the new piece I needed for my dad's chainsaw. This thing is a monster. It cuts through 12" diameter logs like butter. Twigs just get in the way. I got a lot done. I even split enough to last through the weekend if I need it, but I'll probably do more tomorrow. It's supposed to be a little cooler and maybe cloudy. The tree is slowly disappearing.

During one of my several breaks, I planted the Giant Green Arborvitae. It's placed strategically to block several houses from my bedroom window view. It's slated to reach 70' tall and 20' wide. It's got lots of room.

A rotting log across the stream out back provides a larger puddle of clean water for the birds. Whenever I walk away, they swarm. I want to line the bank of this area with pussywillow and swamp mallow.

My weeping willow is rooting well.

There's still a little snow on the ground from this weekend.

But the sky turned out to be that famous Carolina Blue.

In the shrub island, I found one of the 100 daffodils I planted here. The robins uncovered it yesterday. They've stripped the neighbor's holly tree and have moved on to more fertile feeding grounds.

Peonies are coming up too. These came from Trevor's house in Virginia last March. I know it can take years to reestablish a clump after moving or dividing. I'm hoping for 4 blooms this year instead of two.

The camellia next to the perennial bed looks great. When I moved in, it was several large trunks with leaves at the very top. I hacked it to the ground. I'd say it's forgiven me.

With a couple day's wood in the basement, I sat for a spell. Terrible picture, yes. So much for a swing built for two.

It's 50 degrees and sunny.


Jimmy said...

You've met someone. Or, like someone.
You sly dog.

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

Jim, I had you in mind when I made that comment about the swing. When I first showed it, you said at least it was built for two. And I have met someone. He's wonderful.

Jimmy said...

I didn't even look. I don't buy that coffee maker crap. You met a Seed Salesman. Or the person who sells foam curlers for the cloner!!!!

Darla said...

Is love in the air, just in time for Valentine's? You got a lot accomplished today Tom. I rooted Weeping Willows a long time ago in just soil.....they are at my old house now and are huge!!! Swamp Mallow will be pretty down there. I do hope you can get the trees to make a privacy fence from your neighbors.........

Jean Campbell said...

The camellia forgave you, so will the peony.

Did you see the pics on my blog of the Violas I got at Lowe's in Dothan for half price? They looked like new stock, all pansies were on sale. Two Hispanic men came in and loaded up about 16 flats of dark blue violas, the only color I wasn't buying. It was cold and miserable. Today was a boo'ful day but we had other projects going on and I didn't plant them. Yet. Buffy sitting on them didn't hurt them at all.

They had camellias for half price, too, but none that just absolutely called my name. I'll do well to take care of the ones I have. DH ran the tractor tire over some of my gardenia limbs today, so there is a huge bucket of pieces to root.

Troy said...

I swear sometimes I can get tired just reading your blog.

You always have at least one project underway, one you just finished and a few more you are getting ready to start.

I always enjoy my visits to your blog, in fact, I have nominated you for an award.

You can visit my blog at to read more about it.

Keep up the good work.


F Cameron said...

You work so hard in your garden! I hope "that someone" loves the garden, too. :-)

It is so muddy out in our meadow after the snow melt and rain that I think I could ski on the mud by just standing still! More wintery mix coming and temps won't get above 40 for days-- is this really NC?

On the other hand, my seedlings out in the garden look great after the snow - the larkspur, poppies and nigella loved it!

Now, if I can just dig out that gardenia who is still totally covered by snow in the L corner of the house where the dry snow blew off the roof and accumulated!