Wednesday, February 3, 2010

More propagation.

I'm using a method I tried before to propagate figs again this year. I lost my cuttings to mold and rot in late winter last year. This time, I've cleaned the cuttings really well using anti-bacterial dish soap. I scrubbed them with a toothbrush, then dipped them in a 10% bleach solution. Once they had air dried, I wrapped the tops of the cuttings in damp newspaper, bagged them, and set them on one of the fluorescent lights downstairs. The hardest part is maintaining a constant temperature inside the bag. I still don't have that figured out. But I do have root initials.

Last night, I cleaned, washed, wrapped, and bagged 4 cuttings of a Marseilles fig. I'm still not sure if it's a white or black fig. I'm hoping it's the white one I tried last year. The cuttings are similar in texture and color. I guess I'll know next year when they fruit.

I've also been checking out methods of propagation that I've never tried before. I spent some time last night searching for methods of budding and grafting. I'd like to add a second variety of peaches to my Belle of Georgia tree. It's not quite time to do that, so I'm studying the methods. If anyone has any experience with budding or grafting, I'm all ears. If I'm successful with the peach tree, I plan to add another type of plums to my Morris. My sister has a tree that I can get the materials from. The cross pollination would result in more fruit. I might even try it with figs, since I know it's possible.

I can't do much about that today. Instead, I'm waiting for the mail. I should receive a new throttle part for my dad's old chainsaw. The push rod fell out of the assembly the last time I used it. Once it arrives, I'll head out to the gully and spend the day cutting firewood. If it doesn't come today, I'll work on the kitchen some more. It's 34 degrees and foggy. The weatherman promises sunshine by 9am. I think I am to be disappointed.

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Amy said...

I think it is fun to try propagating different plants. Mine is mostly trial and error but it is kind of like an experiment. :)
I was looking at your earlier post about working on your house...I love the paint colors! Looks like you both have been very busy...looks nice.