Thursday, February 25, 2010


I've laminated one of the countertops. I built the base from two layers of MDF giving me a 1.5" thick base. The laminate is a slate gray with mottled brown colors. I would have liked an actual texture, but it was too expensive. The laminate has been laying on the dining room floor since late August. I'll get to the other two, smaller countertops when I get back from Florida.

I'm not done with the one above. I still need to clean some contact cement from the edge, scrape the sharpness from the overlap, hook up the sink, and attach the whole thing to the base cabinets. I'll try to get to that on Friday. If not, next week. I should have three days off when I return. The floor will eventually be stained Ebony. I've tried a lot of things to remove the water stains, but it's just too deep, too old, and too much. No idea when I'll get to that, with the weather warming up and all.

Remember what it used to look like?

I've also sown my tomato seeds. The extra cup became Beefsteak. I have seeds left over of all but two kinds. There's always a need for contingency where tomatoes are involved.

Can you believe it's only 24 days til Spring?


Unknown said...

I love the kitchen. It looks really nice witht that big window.

Great little tomato greenhouse too.

Darla said...

What a wonderful transformation in your kitchen....have fun in Florida..I do hope the weather warms before you get here!

L. D. said...

You are doing such a great job on this. I like the new look and the countertop is nice.

Phillip Oliver said...

It looks really nice! Can't wait for spring.

Randy Emmitt said...

The countertop looks great! Where are the cabinets? Cleaning up the stains on the floor I'm assuming you are talking a hardwood floor? If so pour bleach on it and cover so the bleach does not dry up. Might take a few tries but it should take out the stains. I have done this with cat pee that was in carpet over hardwood floors and got out all the stains.

Laura said...

great job on the kitchen!

just noticed the new banner. i like that too. and the new quote. and the yellow background. i like that as well. and the purple font. and... :)

gld said...

Tom, where did you learn all these skills? Laying laminate would scare me to death! Yours looks great; I like the dark color and it will look super with the darker stained floor.

Have a much deserved rest in Florida.

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

Thanks ya'll. Randy, the cabinets are all on the other wall. I wanted to open things up a bit, so where there used to be no cabinets on that side, I have a wall full now. that hole in the base is for the eventual dishwasher. I'll be installing shelves on the open wall at some point for glassware, etc.

gld, A little from here, a little from there. If I want to do it, I figure it out. I make plenty of mistakes. And the laminate is a lot like building the models I used to do when I was self-employed.

Slim said...

I started my "Big Boy" tomato seeds today. ;)

John said...

Tom - I like how the remodel on your kitchen came out. Beautiful and what an improvement!

How do you find time to do remodeling and gardening?!