Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Results

I did a little work in the backyard last night. I think it looks nice.

It's 30 degrees. The sky is clear. The sun is coming up.


Darla said...

You were quite busy huh?

Jean Campbell said...

We had snow last evening. Now I can no longer say that we never have snow. I can say we only have snow every 60 years. The last time it snowed enough to accumulate a little on the grass -- none on the pavement yesterday -- DH's Mama wouldn't let them go outside. He thinks it was the first snow she'd ever seen, too.

There wasn't enough to take pics, even. I've seen bigger frosts.

sweetbay said...

That does look nice. Thank you for working in my yard too. :)

F Cameron said...

It's a winter wonderland here this morning. Probably 3 inches of snow on the ground in my area.

It's prettier than the dreary mud that showed up since last week's snow!


L. D. said...

I just shoveled snow for two hours. The city decided that we all needed to get out and clear things up on our sidewalks. It was nice at 28 degrees but I had a layer of ice from storms before way down under all that snow. I found green grass under there!!! That is hopeful. I really think the sky in the photo is great. It really make a marvelous photo.