Monday, February 22, 2010


It's 39 degrees. It's dark. Rain is expected this afternoon. I'm traveling to Winston-Salem today with my coworkers for a district wide training session.

Sunday afternoon, I moved all the plants under lights to the rolling rack. Now that the daytime temperatures should be reaching the mid to upper 50s and higher, I want to be able to move them in and out each morning. They'll remain inside today, since I have to leave before daybreak and it's still a little too cold for them outside at the moment. I did hose them off to remove as many spider mites and aphids as I could.

Five days ago, the fig I stuck in the cloner several weeks ago was potted up. I was curious.

Looking at the 10-day forecast, I'll probably move everything back to the light rack Wednesday. I've got a trip planned for this coming weekend. I start my vacation in a few days. Carla will be coming by to check on things, and feed the cat while I'm gone. I plan to start my tomatoes inside soon. When I return, I should have seedlings. Mmmm, tomatoes.

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