Saturday, October 3, 2009

My Internet Has faile

And I have no " "(the letter that comes after "c" an before "e" on my laptop. That's new. Although I haven't used it in 3 months. Maybe when I proof read, I'll copy and paste one. So if I miss one, forgive me.

Yesterday, I decided not to work on the patio. I did get my blackberry planted.

I moved some knockout roses to the side door. I prune them back hard.

I moved the three Red Texas Star hibiscus to where the roses were in the perennial bed. They're pouting seriously, even today.

I like the new mum I bought for $2.

Finally, I fed a Monarch butterfly. There were three in the yard yesterday, so I decied to leave my gomphocarpus and butterfly weed alone. The patio will happen later.

It was a nice day. 81 and sunny.

Updates may not happen everyday until I'm back.


Jill-O said...

If you post in the present tense you'll need less "d"s. Our hummingbirds have flown south for the winter, I can only assume our monarchs have done the same.

Unknown said...

I love the reference to "pouting" hibiscus.....and no "d"

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

Thanks for the suggestions. I'm waiting to hear from Earthlink now. I'm over Time Warner Cable for good.