Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Dead Woman's Dog.

It started out being a nice day. I needed to straighten up the basement before getting to work on the kitchen, so I sorted a bunch of seeds and got them into labeled packages.

I even collected some pineapple salvia seeds.

Then I headed outside. I planted out the rest of the snowball viburnum cuttings and other things at the end of the driveway. A customer at the store gave me some beautyberry seedlings. They went in as well.

I got two Muhly grasses for $1 each and decided to plant them for the winter in a spot I've never dug in. I remembered seeing pieces of an old crocheted afghan sticking out of the ground last summer. I thought I had removed it all. With the first shovel of dirt, I uncovered more of the afghan. The second shovel pulled out a heavy piece of canvas with a buckle. The third and final shovel uncovered bones.

I tucked it all back into the hole and decided to plant elsewhere. I still feel bad, but honestly, I'm surprised it hasn't happened before.

This afternoon, I will be working on the kitchen. I can't spend all day in the yard. Can I?

It's 79 today. A cold front will be moving in this evening. Humidity will drop and the wind will pick up. Thursday should be spectacular.

As I did in the perennial bed, I'm taking a picture each week of the back yard. The metal structures will have cardinal climber vines next year.


Jimmy said...

Put a headstone on the grave. It would be great 'yard art' and conversation piece. It tells a story of your house.

Unknown said...

i'm sorry you found that. i agree with jim, mark the grave somehow as it is history.

i got your message as well..thanks!


Kris said...

A good dog deserves a resting space in a nice garden.

Laura said...

those bones spooked ya?

kitchen is looking allsome :D

you said 'bitty'

Anonymous said...

You should call CSI: Albemarle. I'm sure they would investigate those Bones!