Friday, October 16, 2009

Feeling Minnesota

It's from a Soundgarden song. It's cold and overcast. Exactly how I imagine Minnesota winters to feel. It's only 50 degrees. The weatherman is promising us some sun today. He claims by 9am. I'm thinking it will be closer to noon.

Over the weekend, we're going to have some near freezing temperatures at night. I'm going to take cuttings of the brugs today. All the white ones will be cut down and mulched. I hate to do it, but they're looking terrible this late in the season. The yellow/orange ones by the driveway will tempt fate. I'll cover them with sheets Sunday and Monday nights. Next week, the night time temperatures will be much higher. If there's no frost this weekend, we might hold out for another couple of weeks.

Feeling better today. Still planning to take it easy. High today should be in the mid/upper 60s.


Jimmy said...

Oh, the upper 60's; you should be out weeding in your speedo and flip flips! It is not going to get out of the 50's here. And worse this weekend.

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

Jim, the last time I owned a speedo, I was 5. I know better.

L. D. said...

Yes, I am going to wait till Monday or Tuesday to put in my door as it will get up to the 60's by then. I will hang plastic tarp to keep from freezing out all my inhabitants. Take care of that cold, our's hung on for a very long time. Lot's of coughing. Keep warm.