Tuesday, October 13, 2009


It's 50 degrees and clear. I'm sitting here with all the windows closed shivering this morning. It may be our coolest morning yet. Seems that cold front finally came through. The next 10 days will usher in fall with a vengance. I expect the trees will really start to take on their fall color soon. The dogwoods have been turning red for a couple weeks now. Might be a good weekend to head to Morrow Mountain for some pictures.

Speaking of the weekend...Yesterday I was asked at work if I could change my schedule to accommodate a coworker. He's having a spot of skin cancer removed from his face today. So instead of being off today, they're giving me Friday. I was already scheduled to be off on Thursday. Plus, this is my weekend. Who wouldn't agree to a 4 day weekend? I can't wait for Wednesday night. I've got real plans for the yard those 4 days including removing that dead oak tree and building at least one raised bed planter for next year's garden and the hoophouse this winter. I hate cold weather. Hate it. I woke up this morning stuffy and congested. What a treat.

Outside, it's very foggy.

My "white" hibiscus from seed is not white. Not at all.

Grass in the new perennial bed path loved the rain. It's a mixture of blue fescue seeds rescued from the trash bin at work. $1 tossed in the registered got me a big bag full of seeds.


Anonymous said...

It's only 43F here in Nova Scotia today with a cold drizzle. We could even see some snow flurries tomorrow. It's definitely a bit early for these temps, but a sure sign that much colder weather is on the way. :) Kudos on all that seed for $1! Now that's a deal!

Unknown said...

The photo of the fog is just beautiful! And the photo of the white hibiscus is just one more reminder from Mother Nature that she's still in charge! Enjoy the red!

L. D. said...

I heard on Monday that the jet stream is sagging way down into the south and that dip is giving us cold weather. No hope for us until the stream straights out. Our 42 really isn't any colder than yours as it is all cold once you get below 50. Turn up your furnace!!!!