Saturday, October 10, 2009

Deep Thoughts

Last night, I couldn't sleep. It was muggy with the temperature in the mid 70s. They were calling for rain, but it never came. A couple of tiny passing showers were all we got. Tomorrow, I'll set up the sprinkler to water in the 10-10-10 I put next to my cabbage plants. I was hoping for a gully washer. The soil is very dry. The wind hasn't helped. It's drizzling now with a small rain cloud passing over our town.

Unable to sleep, I started researching some of the things I want to do next year. The raised beds were on my mind. Today I bought the rebar that I'll use to hold the landscape timbers together. It's 10% off this weekend at Lowe's. I also purchased 15 perennial asters that were beyond bloom stage for 10cents each. Yep, 15 perennials for $1.50. It's crazy what I can get when my boss wants plants out of the store.

This morning I checked on the progress of my crimson clover. In the perennial bed, it's done a lot better than in the meadow area out back. The soil there hasn't been worked and is hard to dig, but there's germination. Some of the seedlings have their first leaves. The second leaves should come in the next week with nighttime temperatures in the low 50s. The cold front that was supposed to be moving in seems to have stalled. I can't say I'm unhappy about that. There's a lot I still want to do. Tomorrow, I plan to get the other things I bought this weekend in the ground. There's 36 Dusty Miller plants that I got for $1.20. There's the 8 quart sized pansies that someone thought were too leggy. I paid $2 for those. I hate pansies, but I want some winter color in the bed by the front door. I'm hoping the heucheras remain through the winter. I've never grown them before so I don't know what to expect. I want to move the coreopsis in the perennial bed too.

Out back, on a sloped area that separates my current potager from the tomato patch, I've planted some Muhly grasses. I bought two and divided each of them into 3 new plants. I hope they can get established before winter arrives. I moved the blackberry a little further east. In between, I plan to put in some coreopsis and echinacea. Whether I use the lower section or the upper plateau for my patio, I'll have flowers and interest in that area. I really want to plant a hedge of pineapple salvia somewhere back here. The patio stone will be ready for me this week.

I keep looking at certain seed sites, refraining from purchasing too much before the winterswap I'm hosting this year. So many people are joining that I'm sure I'll have lots of seeds to choose from. Many are sending in things I've posted from my own wish list. It's great to find others who grow and collect what I want. I'll return the favor in future years. Seed to seed. It's one thing I really like about gardening this way.

I'm tired this evening. The lack of sleep last night and an early morning wake up call from a neighbor's lawnmower has me thinking I might turn in early tonight. By 10pm, I'll get a second wind and probably have a hard time putting my mind to rest for my body to follow. I'm looking forward to winter this year. It's when the magic happens and next year's garden starts to sprout in little plastic containers at the other end of the driveway.

It's cloudy, 72, and moist. I can hear the crickets singing in the backyard through the open windows. I should probably figure out what I'll have for dinner soon.


Jeff Vandiver said...

Building a raised bed, eh? I can't wait to see the finished product. I'm interested in your seed swap, if some will be vegetable....Just let me know what I need to do to join.

Corner Gardener Sue said...

Hi Tom,
Thanks for your words of encouragement for me to take care of my sprained knee. I guess it's OK that we're having an early freeze, but I'm still grieving for the loss of my blooms.

You sure have been busy! Heucheras do pretty well over the winter here, so yours should be fine. I hop you can get some good rest tonight.

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

EG, the seed swap I'm hosting can be found in the Garden Web Wintersowing forum. It's on the exchanges side. Mostly it's going to be ornamentals, perennials and annuals, but a few are sending in veggies. If you want to join, just send me an email through GW. Token28001. I'll make sure you get some veggies in return. And of course, companion plants to help with your squash bug problems. ;)

Sue, thanks for the info on the heucheras. I can't believe you have snow already. Sheesh. Your knee will get better, it just takes time.