Wednesday, October 21, 2009

How much wood can a wood splitter split....

In an hour, with my dad at the controls, we split enough wood to last at least a week. Considering what I split with the ax this past weekend, plus what we have stacked now in two piles, only one branch from this massive oak tree has been chopped. There's a lot more wood to cut and split. The gas powered splitter makes it so much easier than doing it with an ax.

Pile #1

Pile #2

Later in the week, I'd like to tackle these large pieces.

Before I can do that, I need to clean out an area to walk through. Lots of privet and undergrowth makes it hard to carry/roll these logs to the splitter.

There's a LOT of stone laying on the ground back here. I think the lady that built these gardens years ago used it to edge the creek bed that is now just a drainage ditch. The average size is roughly 6" across.

I'll use that one stack of stone to finish edging the new perennial bed path today.

It's 48 degrees. Today's high should be in the mid 70s. Tonight, 46. No frost last night at 38 degrees. This weekend should be very nice.

11:47am - I must have disturbed a yellow jacket nest. No more work in the gully today. I could pot up the white brugs. I could drill, cut, and hammer the rebar for my two new planting beds. I could spend some time raking leaves in Larry's yard. But I think I plan to sit here for a bit before I do anything. Those big pieces of wood are heavy. The stone, it's much larger than it appears. I only got 4-6 pieces.


Conny said...

Nice work, well done! You should have massive arms by the time all the wood is split. Cheers ~ Conny

Darla said...

Modern day lumberjack!! Love the stones..the yellow jackets are mean creatures! Sometimes it's nice just to sit still.

L. D. said...

That splitter did a really good job. I can't imagine how much my dad split himself for our wood burning furnace. He always waited until the crops were in then he went to the timeber to cut wood for winter. If you can move some of the rocks you could create a rock tower or something.

Jeff Vandiver said...

I had to use a maul as I was growing up, and it sucked! Daddy always had to replace the handle, 'cause I frequently broke it. Oops!

janie said...

Lots of hard work there, but you will be so happy when you have the wood in the fireplace.

Those rocks are a real find!