Friday, October 2, 2009

The Cabinets are in.

I got up early and installed the last 5 kitchen cabinets this morning. The countertops are temporary. I'll wash all my dishes tonight and start figuring out where things will go. There will be empty cabinets when I'm done. I no longer have a matching set of anything that isn't chipped, dented, or scratched. Maybe Santa will remedy that.

Looking from the dining room

The behemoth is a lot more in scale now that the other cabinets are in place.

Temporary countertops cut from cheap cheap cheap wafer board. The laminate should be here by October 12, probably next week.

I should have inspected all the cabinets before installing them. Wouldn't you know, the one cabinet with a defect is the one I hung on the end. I may cover this with an end panel, or fix it with some glue, a clamp, and a lot of cursing.

I love the floors. I really hope I can keep them natural.

This afternoon's project...leveling out the future patio site. From what I've been told, the pavers (122 of them for roughly $10) will be available within 2 weeks. They're 12" x 12" and gray. I'm not thrilled with the color, but from previous experience, I know I can stain them. I'll be using brick from the gully and stones from all over to build a short wall and inlay between the pavers. It's going to be fabulous, next spring.

It's 61 and partly sunny. 20% chance of rain all evening and part of Saturday. I'm done in the kitchen for now. Carla is coming over this afternoon to give me suggestions on the walls. I didn't want to, but I have to use some sort of texture. The plaster is just too far gone where the old cabinets were. It'll drive me crazy seeing bumps and divots where I had expected smooth. We're thinking orange peel.


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Your kitchen is looking great Tom. There always is some blip in any project that upsets us. I'm sure you'll do fine with repairing the cabinet. I enjoy seeing all of your projects. You keep inpsiring me to get up and do something.


L. D. said...

What a great transformation of your kitchen. It really is shaping up great. That patio project is going to give you some good exercise. Take it easy on that. It will be nice to have when it is done.

Anonymous said...

Looking good. I hate doing home improvement projects, but I feel so good after they are complete. Hey, maybe we could contract you for our next project...

LeSan said...

I am so excited for you! It is really coming along. Did you managed to get that awful stain out of the floor? I can see some darkening but it sure doesn't look like that stain you showed us earlier.

jaime said...

Wow, I'm impressed! Great work on your kitchen. Can't wait to see progress on your patio soon ;-)

gld said...

Tom, it is coming together nicely! I love your old floors too. We kept our pine with all the dark oil stains and dings. I still love how it looks. It has many layers of poly over it after sanding.
I just damp mop it.

Looking forward to seeing the patio.