Thursday, July 9, 2009

Random bits

It must have rained overnight. The leaves of the plants have drops of water on them. The soil is still bone dry. Showers on the radar map have passed on, but there is a 50% chance of thunderstorms this evening. I'm not planning to hope for rain.

The white brugmansias will be yellow. Maybe.

The brown rudbeckia has finally opened completely.

This one has thin petals that seem crinkled.

Pentas? centranthus ruber, Jupiter's Beard. Wintersown. Thanks Amie!

Red Bush Crape Myrtles. Wintersown. I'll dig them up this fall and separate them.

White Crape Myrtles from seed. Wintersown. Tiny, miserable things. Not enough rain and I forget to water them.

Oak Leaf Hydrangea finally looks nice. The past two summers something has managed to break it off at the roots, again. This year, I've just ignored it and hoped for the best. Maybe I'll see blooms in a few years.

40' crape myrtle that I cut back to the ground last year. It was hiding my magnolia. I like the new form.

Wintersown Confederate Rose. I really want this one. I had hoped for more growth. I dug it out of the perennial bed this past weekend and potted it. It's grown more this week than the previous 4 weeks. Again, no rain hasn't helped it.

70 degrees and cloudy.


Amie said...

Hi there, just passing through and admiring your gorgeous gardens!

4th photo down looks like centranthus ruber to me. Careful with that one. Although beautiful, if you let it go to seed, you'll have it everywhere(the seeds carry off in the wind).

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

Thanks Amie. I did plant Jupiter's Beard. The area behind this plant is meant to be a self-sowing, four oclock, cosmos, whatever kind of spot in the perennial bed, so I think I'll keep an eye out for seeds and scatter them myself. Something for the birds.