Monday, July 27, 2009

The other red hibiscus

I've long since lost the tag for this one. I purchased the plant last summer on clearance. I divided it over the winter, but only one survived. The blooms are 12" across. I need to give it more sun. The Japanese Beetles are doing a number on the leaves this year.

Speaking of sun, the gully receives a lot more early morning light.

This fall I will have to do something about the ivy, periwinkle, and trees from "heaven". I've tried RoundUp in the past to no avail.

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LeSan said...

Slash and burn buddy, slash and burn. The plants you mention are real buggers to get out. I wonder if mowing it all down and then covering/smothering it would do the trick? By the way that new view in the morning light is quite lovely.