Sunday, July 19, 2009

Feels like fall

The calendar says it's July 19. The thermometer thinks it's October. It's 61 degrees. Overnight, we dipped into the middle upper 50s. I woke up this morning with all the covers drawn tight against my chin. The cat was curled up against my legs.

Outside, the four o'clocks are still open, seemingly unaware that it's morning. Their scent is faint, but lingering. A single datura bloom nearby adds to the mix. Still damp from the rain Friday night, the soil has a fresh clean scent too.

The morning glories near the gully are taking advantage of the cooler temperatures too.

It's Sunday.

83 for the high today. Humidity is at 69% and will be falling all day. By 4pm, we should be in the lower 40% range. Yes, in July. In North Carolina.


Heather said...

Looking good, Tom! Every thing is growing so nicely and the datura is huge!

MissyM said...

It's 69 and breezy here. Wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Tom - we hit 113 in the shade and I would gladly send some of the Arizona heat your way for just a bit of rain! Is that a castor bean standing so tall? Was it one knocked low by the storm last Monday? Your garden looks so lush and pretty!
- Daisy

gld said...

Tom, it's very strange; we are having the same cooler weather. I am loving it! We also got 2 inches of much needed July.

Your gardens are looking very lush and happy. I finally got two 4 o'clocks started........just waiting for a bloom. I think they are the broken color type.

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

Daisy, you can keep the heat. LOL. Yes, that castor bean is the one that was laying over after the storm. I used a piece of conduit to stake it back up. If I cut the wire, it falls over again. I'm just waiting to collect seeds now.

gld, the four oclocks will bloom til frost. And they reseed heavily.

Thanks Heather. I'm happy with my first year garden. :)

Isn't it wonderful Missy? I wish every summer were like this.