Thursday, July 16, 2009

Helpful gardeners.

The goldfinches are dispersing seed all over my perennial bed. Their favorites seem to be the zinnias, hyssop, and salvias. They've got a helper from the chipmunk that lives near the "orange" rose bush. For the past few weeks I've noticed sprigs of grass and other items popping up as if planted in a clump. This morning, I saw the culprit. The chipmunk is raiding the birdfeeder, "hiding" the stash under the soil, and is probably unaware that the grass is germinating. Someone's gonna be hungry this winter. Bye bye crocuses.

The goldfinches have found the black eyed susans too.

I spent a couple hours this morning doing a few chores. The new Golden Showers climbing rose was planted next to the arbor. The one I purchased in the spring turned out to be a red rootstock.

I planted out two Calycanthus florida seedlings that were wintersown. They went into the shrub island I built last month. Four more butterfly bushes were installed too.

I collected more seed this morning from the Golden Jubilee. The brown in the right side of the container are the seeds that fell out while snipping the flowers off the plant. I expect lots of reseeds next spring.

Other happenings:

The white hyacinth bean has reached the top of the wire trellis on the back of the house. The moonvine hasn't even reached the bottom rung yet.

Rudbeckia fulgida is looking great with purple petunias.

Gaillardia has three blooms. More buds are forming.

Coreopsis "Full Moon" is awakening.

Squash and/or cucumbers are doing well. We need rain.

This is my petunia seed store for next year. I like the variation in colors.

Seems I've already missed a couple seed pods.

The Kongmansia I moved earlier in the week is putting out new leaves.

The brugs in the perennial bed have buds. They will be yellow or orange. All have at least one bud, one has 8.

The spirea in the shrub island is putting out new growth. I chopped it back when I moved it to reduce stress. It should reach 6-8' at maturity.

A gardenia cutting that was rooted last fall is growing nicely under the dining room window. I moved three others to bed opposite the front steps earlier in the week.

I'm starting to like this combination of color.

Finally, I have a new visitor.

It's muggy and 75 degrees. 50% chance of afternoon rain in the forecast with more on Friday and Sunday. I've got my fingers crossed.

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Jill-O said...

Yeah, yellow and purple makes a great combo. It makes them both POP! It's one of my favorite color combinations.