Saturday, July 11, 2009


It's a brugmansia that has extra large flowers. Here's a picture taken by the guy who grows them in Winston-Salem.

I bought mine from their website. World of Brugmansia

It's done nothing for me where I had it planted. It was too dry, too hot in the afternoon, and always under attack by something. So I moved it this morning on my lunch break. I set the hose on a slow trickle and the timer for 15 minutes. I hope it survives.

When looking at the other brugs, you can see a difference in growth and habit. Even those that aren't blooming yet are well over 4' tall.

I moved it so I can pay better attention to it. Let's hope I remember.


MissyM said...

I love brugs. I am learning to grow them but so far have not had great success. Your blooms look nice.

compost in my shoe said...

Had ours bloom a few weeks back during the last full moon cycle.....the smell in the garden is so fantastic at night. Just love the drama they bring!