Saturday, July 18, 2009

Constructive Staring: The Back Yard.

Sometimes sitting still can be an accomplishment.

click to embiggen


LeSan said...

"embiggen" That's just funny!
I like it. :-)

FlowerLady said...

LeSan ~ Embiggen made me smile too.

Tom ~ Great post, wonderful sense of humor. If I had that view I would sit there in that comfortable chair doing my share of constructive staring also. It looks like you have a good list going there. Embiggen is a wonderful word.


Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

As Miss Crabapple says on the Simpsons, "embiggens" is a perfectly cromulent word. :)

Constructive staring, I think, came from Nell. It's a great way to plan for next year. The back yard needs more color for sure. And I want better organization. I'm trying to plan for what's around the next corner. I want visitors to ooh and ahh all the way around the house, not just in a small piece of the yard.