Wednesday, July 8, 2009

New stuff

Cleome. The seeds were collected from pink and white Sparkler series.

A white salvia? I have three of these plants. Cannot remember planting them. That's not unusual.

Coreopsis "Full Moon" is filling in nicely around the garden.

My first pumpkin bloom. It's a male. No female blossoms in sight.


Brugmansia. The one and only plant with blooms or buds.

Recently sown cucumbers, squash, and nasturtiums are up. Beans too.

The potager is a mess. No rain is slowing everything.

Recently potted cuttings. Hydrangeas, figs, forsythia.

A familiar sight, the water sprinkler in the perennial bed. I bought a manual timer yesterday. I can set it to water for 1 minute or 120 and anywhere in between.


MissyM said...

The hydrangea cuttings look so good. I like your perennial bed. Hope some rain comes your way soon.

cat said...

beautiful as always!!

i have a question for you, i just received my datura seeds and was wondering if i should plan to sow some of them this weekend in flats or pots they'll stay in? do they transplant well? i'm guessing with my heat here to just plant them in larger pots with potting soil. thanks so much for your guidance!

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

Cat, they don't transplant well, it stunts their growth. I would plant them where you want them to grow. They're called Jimson Weed for a reason, and can do well in poor soil with very little water.

lynn'sgarden said...

Thought of you when I collected (stole!) some public lacecap hydrangea cuttings to root..wish me luck!

cat said...

thanks tom! i will be planting them into some larger pots we have and maybe even start looking at construction sites for more big pots..shhh!!! haha my MIL taught me to go around to where they are landscaping and they usually just throw the pots in with the rest of the "trash" we'll see what we can find..;) but i have a few here so will start the process..:) thanks!