Friday, July 24, 2009

My Vitex

Also known as Chaste Tree, the vitex (Shoal's Creek) was planted several weeks ago in the shrub island in the back yard. I took cuttings on Monday, stuck them in the cloner, and hope to have three new ones in a couple weeks. Any that root will be used as screens around the edge of whatever lawn remains out back.

Here's the mother plant as seen during my second cup of coffee stroll.

Based on the moisture already visible in the air, the humidity today will make being outside miserable. Forecast calls for mid 90s this weekend.

Sometimes, I take cuttings of plants with the intention of forcing them to root. This variegated hydrangea cutting was nonchalantly stuck in a coke can full of water several weeks back. It sat there in the basement for another week before I finally moved it to soil. Barely watered and ignored under lights in the basement, it managed to root despite my failures as a gardener. I put it outside with the other hydrangea cuttings last week. It's putting out new growth now and has rooted itself firmly in the cheap Top Soil purchased from Lowe's. Broken bags are still half price.


Anonymous said...

Tom - your hydrangea has such a pretty leaf - may it do well for you! Lilacs and hydrangeas top my list of sentimental favorites but they don't do well in the desert so I appreciate your photos. Best of luck!
- Daisy

MissyM said...

Suzy Bales writes that she uses chaste tree twigs to support other plants and vines. She says they often root. Had one years ago and loved it. Makes me think about getting another one. In bloom they are so beautiful.

Kris said...

I'm groaning over your hydrangea story. Not fair! Just not fair! :-/

LeSan said...

I love your line “second cup of coffee stroll.” It creates an intimate garden tone. The shot of your future miserable day is very deceiving and very pretty with the light coming through. Your hydrangea looks like a beauty and I am now I must look for one of my own thanks to you. :-)

lynn'sgarden said...

Tom, you'll love this shrub/tree. Mine is going on 10 years and it's about 15ft. tall and loaded with blooms right now..atracts bees like crazy so back of the border is good!