Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Not yet.

Two days of cloudy, threatening skies gave us no rain. Ok, we got a splash of rain Sunday morning. The driveway was wet but the soil was dry. It probably rained for all of 5 minutes. We had a few drizzles here and there across the weekend. I put the sprinkler back out last night for the cucumbers and squash. They're about done though.

Hopefully, we'll get some rain this coming week. Seems like there's plenty of opportunity.


cat said...

And there is absolutely no way you can send some here huh? hah! Our forecast says sunny and 100+ forever i am guessing at this point!

but i am installing drip irrigation hopefully this weekend so that should cut down on my water bill and make the plants grow even happier..;)

Dirt Princess said...

After 40 days with no rain, it finally rained yesterday, and is going to rain all week. THANK GOODNESS