Thursday, July 30, 2009

It's not the heat...

97% humidity. And it's going to be sunny today. Ugh.

The triple yellow datura has 5 open blooms this morning.

Carrie's amaranthus is over 4' now.

Another hot one on tap. 50% chance of rain this afternoon. More rain in the forecast through Sunday.


lynn'sgarden said...

Beautiful double bloom there, Tom! We keep getting downpours that last 10 minutes while it's bright and sunny! The humidity is the worst...stay cool!

Anonymous said...

Wow! That datura is fantastic. I have never grown those even though I've been given seeds because I heard they are very, very poisonous. I have a couple of dogs who sometimes let their curiosity (or appetite) get ahead of their judgment - almost lost one to some mushrooms once. Do you think the datura would grow well in a VERY large pot? If so, I could have them on my deck, which has a gate the dogs can't pass.

Also, are you growing those in full sun?

Thanks for info -
Linda in SC

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

Humidity is down to 83%, but the clouds are rolling in.

Linda, They should do fine in a 14" pot or larger. They don't seem to have a huge root ball. It is a weed, after all. I have some white datura in full sun, but the yellow is in mostly shade. They're doing fine though they did take a while longer to get some size to them. Mine get 3-4 hours of morning sun.

Anonymous said...

The bloom is impressive. I feel your pain with the heat. I went out on the deck last night after 8pm and it still felt like a sauna. 90% humidity is great.