Monday, December 21, 2009

Winter Solstice

It's been one year since I started my blog. Looking back, I'm glad I did it. I've especially enjoyed browsing through the old pictures watching everything grow and bloom. Collecting seeds in the fall, I'll continue to wintersow as long as I can purchase soil and find seeds.

This afternoon, after work, I'll be sowing my first wintersown seeds. I've chosen four varieties to mark the event.

1. Seeds of Remembrance: Ninebark for Sandy.
2. Seeds of Tree: Vitex
3. Seeds of Life: Echinacea. The Goldfinches love them.
4. Leap of Faith: Pride of Barbados. Thanks Kat!

It's 27 degrees. It's dark and supposedly cloudy.


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Happy wintersowing Tom. I look forward to seeing what all you do this winter in preparation for planting next year's gardens. May your seeds all sprout and bring you much joy come spring.

Have a wonderful Christmas and a great new year.


gld said...

What a good way to celebrate the Winter Solstice.

I just tried WS'ing once with little success.

I am blogging now too, very amateurish I must admit. I am using it like I do my daily journal (still keeping it going). There is so much I don't know about how to do it that it gets very frustrating.

Cherry Lane said...

Happy Blogiversary! Or is it Anniblog? I just found your blog a month or two ago, but have been enjoying it immensely. Hope you keep it up in the coming year!

Oh, and happy solstice and wintersowing day - so many things to celebrate today!

LeSan said...

That is a lovely way to celebrate! I have never thought of doing such a thing but now I think that I will. It has a very special charm to it. Thank you for sharing this Tom.
I hope you and your friends and family have a wonderful holiday together!