Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Broken Record.

Remember when music came on large round sheets of vinyl? Remember when one of those black discs got a scratch and repeated the same couple seconds of music over and over? That's what the 10 day forecast reminds me of. More of the same, over and over. Somebody bump the jukebox, please.

In the basement, the cloner cuttings have responded well to fresh water.

The Confederate Rose cuttings taken from Carla's neighbor's yard are leafing out, finally. I wasn't sure they would make it. Seems they might actually be rooting after all.

It's 25 degrees and clear. The hoophouse dropped to 27 overnight. The sun has finally topped the trees out back. We're up to 28 already. I'm thinking I need to hit the thrift stores this week looking for a couple of old quilts. A little extra nighttime protection wouldn't hurt. I might even install some Christmas lights. I bet the neighbors will love that, a big green glowing tunnel in the backyard.

More firewood will be split before work today. At 6pm, it was 69 degrees upstairs with no electric heat being used. It's currently 64.

12:06pm - It's 39 degrees and windy, again. The hoophouse is at 77 and still rising. By 2pm, a little shade will fall across the surface causing the temperature to reverse and fall.


Darla said...

It's freezing here. Congrats on your Confederate Roses leafing out, that's exciting!! A couple of extra quilts are always good.

Happy Hermit (happilyhiddenhermit@gmail.com) said...

Oh it is so invigorating when something roots instead of dies. Congrats !! I have not been having so much luck lately. :(

Unknown said...

Looking good! People may call in UFO reports when they see the glowing tunnels in the yard!lol

Pam J. said...

Did I interpret this right? Your hoophouse went from 27 degrees to 77 degrees over a 12-hour period?

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

Yep. I know it's a problem. I either need to install a shade cloth to keep the temperature from rising so fast or install more thermal mass to keep it from dropping so low at night. I'm working on ideas for that now.