Saturday, December 5, 2009

More rain, roots, and wood.

It's a dark, dreary morning. There's a steady slow rain falling. It's 43 degrees.

In the cloner, one of the Honeycomb buddleia cuttings is ready to pot. A second one should be ready by Tuesday.

The snow forecast earlier in the week will not become reality. When the temperature finally falls into the proper range this evening, the rain should be gone. Tonight, the low will drop to the mid 20s, our coldest night yet. I'll spend a few minutes today chopping more kindling that I use to keep the basement heater going. The firewood I've split and collected is still wet inside. The kindling keeps the heat on until the moisture is boiled away.


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F Cameron said...

we had a wash-out rain! The soil around our edging hadn't settled enough first and... well, you know what happened. So much for my fall sown seeds, too. I have no idea what did/didn't wash away. It was the most rain that we've ever seen in such a short time.