Sunday, December 20, 2009

Today will be a good day.

I have faith.

The basement will be cleaned. Firewood will be split. Seeds will be chosen. Tomorrow is Winter Solstice. It's 30 degrees outside. There's a heavy frost covering everything. The wood heater is getting cranked up again. There were hot coals inside this morning. Yay!

1:35pm. The basement is done. I've got to start splitting firewood in a few, but first, lunch.

Here's the new workspace in the furthest corner from the wood heater. Those windows will maybe someday become the front of an outdoor potting shed/greenhouse. I'm looking for two sliding doors for the roof.

My indoor nursery and potting station. I wish I had a sink down here.

Four 55gallon trash bags full of recycled and collected nursery pots.

The rolling seed rack that was going to be thrown out. I purchased it for $1. I'll use it in the spring to harden off my tomatoes.

7:01pm - Just returned from Carla's. I took a bunch of things I wanted to get rid of in the basement over there. She does some woodworking and has a few power tools. She appreciated the wood, storage totes, and shelves I gave her. The seeds have been chosen for Monday's wintersowing. I've decided to only do 4 containers. I'll explain on Monday afternoon, for Darla. :)


Jeff Vandiver said...

Ah yes, after all the rain and snow for your area, it will most likely be a good day for you. about bad weather!

L. D. said...

It is always nice to have some coals left to start the next fire. We are getting a gentle but heavy snow right now. I hate to say it but is is beautiful. You are missing a snowstorm north of you. Don't work too hard.

Wendy said...

how nice - so you can just wheel all the seedlings in and out of the garage?