Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Dove did not return

As previously stated, it rained yesterday. This morning, the sun is out and the waters (in the basement and in the yard) have receded. The ground is like a sponge. Hopefully warmer temperatures and some sunlight will dry things out a bit. I've got some leaves I'd like to mulch today, but it might not be possible. The rain gauge collected 1.5" of rain. The local forecast says we got .87". Since it was coming in sideways half the evening, I'm thinking we got more, but the instruments were unable to measure it.

Yesterday, I noticed the first roots growing on the Honeycomb buddleia. I took a photo this morning to compare, 24 hours later.

versus yesterday at 8:30am.

It's just plain water in the cloner. More roots appeared on other cuttings overnight. Some cuttings were potted yesterday so the pictures aren't exactly the same. I've got a couple more that need to be transplanted into containers today. There's also the matter of firewood that I have to address, assuming I can even get into the gully this morning.

It's 50 degrees and sunny. Today's high should reach 63. Snow is still in the forecast for Saturday evening.


elee55 said...

Good title. It took me a moment to get the reference, then the light bulb came on. The night temps here on Sat will probably finish off the last of my plants outside - I envy your basement greenery (and that cloner!)

Darla said...

Love those roots...sorry the Dove did not return..SNOW? My word!

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

That title threw me off too, and it wasn't until after a nap, that I got it. DUH! You sure have that cloning of plants down. I have some coleus cuttings in the scullery window that have now rooted. I need to get them planted.

You're expecting snow and we've turned the a.c. back on. It's 83 and humid. It does not feel like December.


Sue said...

Hi Tom,

What is this cloner thing?