Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Daffodils and muscari

I spent most of the day planting bulbs. It's currently 69 degrees and, um...breezy. It feels like spring. I had 400 daffodils to plant and 150 muscari, or so I thought. Here's the final tally, so I can be disappointed in the spring when nothing comes up.


* 200 on the front slope
* 100 scattered in the shrub island, rose garden, and around the lilac.
* 35 in the shady corner where a frost killed brugmansia still stands.
* 33 around the legs of the swing.
* 35 behind the upper potager/hoophouse.
* 6 in the neighbor's corner.

That's more than 400, right?


* 90 on the front slope.
* 10 along the backyard fence
* 60 in the crape myrtle bed.

Yes, I can add. Along with the bulbs I planted last year in the perennial bed, the bulbs that pop up here and there, planted by someone else years ago, and whatever spring flower plants I may or may not have, it should be a colorful time in the yard in just a few months. Christmas is just around the corner. Then there's New Years Day. I'll be busy all through January sowing and planting out early sprouts from my wintersowing. In February, it'll be really cold for a couple of weeks. Then there's my birthday. Peas will be planted in the lower potager about that time. Next thing you know, it'll be spring. It's like 2 weeks, tops.

I also spent an hour moving pavers from the driveway to the hoophouse. I laid down cardboard then three 16' long rows of pavers. These will heat up a little during the day and radiate heat back at night. At least that's the plan. They might not be thick enough to really warm up. Still, the roots of tender perennials not yet sown should be okay once it's closed up.

I've got a few left. The ones in the hoophouse will be stacked to create a couple of resting spots in the backyard when the hoophouse comes down. I'll reuse them again later. The patio idea is on hold indefinitely for now.

The front slope area where periwinkle was killed. Here's where I planted the majority of the bulbs.

I found a few sprouting daffs in a spot I thought would be perfect for some spring flowers. Guess I was right.

I collected moonvine seeds from the back of the house. I was surprised to find 8 seed pods. I don't recall seeing but a couple blooms all summer. Must have been while I was laid up with my leg.

Mr. Lincoln.

The "orange" rose.

Sunny Knockout.

After all this, it was time to have a sit...

and watch the clouds race by.

It's still 69 degrees. A gorgeous day.

I guess someone will be expecting me in Atlanta soon, and a bit further Southwest after that. I'm not sure my back can handle another 200+ bulbs.


Randy Emmitt said...

That is a lot of bulbs! Did you forget the crocuses? I planted these banana looking 'Golden Fragrance' muscari about a month ago and the bulbs were as big as daffodils.

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

Randy, I planted crocuses last year.

Nell Jean said...

I'm impressed by your industry. I planted 11 hyacinth bulbs. That's a start. It was kind of damp for planting daffodils, the rain lasted until noon.

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

Nell, I have a bulb auger and a cordless drill. I also have 4 batteries with one always in the charger. I tried the post hole diggers. I kept hitting rocks. I tried the shovel, but it just wasn't my day. So I used the auger. It tosses rocks aside if you can keep the drill from wrenching out of your hand. I didn't want to spend another day outside drilling for stones. I had to get it done today.

Corner Gardener Sue said...

Wow, Tom,
It's 0 degrees right now, with a windchill of -6. Our school is closed again tomorrow, so we have the day off again. I imagine we will be making this one up in the spring.

I love your hoop house!

LeSan said...

I feel your back pain. Well at least I will as soon as the ground unfreezes. I also have some stupid number of bulbs in multiples of a hundred. I had to choose between planting them or mulching before this freeze came on. It should pass by next week and then I'll be out there really feeling your pain. LOL
Your roses are so pretty! Mine are frozen rose pops right now.

The Redneck Rosarian said...

After reading this post, I was ashamed at complaining about planting 40 bulbs a few weeks ago. Can't wait to see these in bloom next spring! Way to go!

Pam/Digging said...

You have such a charming house. I lived in Raleigh for five years in the early '90s, and the pics of your house and pine trees really brought back memories. You'll have a superb display come springtime thanks to all your recent work.

Pam/Digging said...

I must have been projecting. Now I don't see the pine tree I thought was in the picture. Oh yeah, that was *our* old pine tree I'm remembering. :-)

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

Pam, I do have a pine tree in the back yard. Well, a China fir. Aside from the ivy, it's about the only evergreen in the back yard. Oh, and the privet. And the periwinkle, but it's the tallest evergreen. There's also magnolias. And...nevermind. Thanks for stopping by!

Jimmy said...

I feel your pain. Let me rephrase that; I Still feel your pain.