Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

Another heavy frost is covering the yard this morning. The basement wood heater went out completely over night. I thought I had filled it with enough wood to last. I was wrong. That's the first time it's gone out completely since it was installed on Saturday. I'm working on getting it going again now.

I'll be working this afternoon at the store. Last minute shoppers are frantically searching for meaningless gifts for their friends and family. Most of the Christmas items are gone. We still have some fresh cut trees left. I doubt we will sell any today. A few sad poinsettias remain too. There are about 100 Christmas cacti on one shelf. I didn't order them. The grower shipped them to us on a day when I was off. We're stuck with these things. Even at $1, we can't get rid of them.

After work, I'll drive to my parents' house. I'll get to bed around midnight, up again at 6 thanks to my nephew. I'll eat too much, open a few gifts, and drive back Christmas Day so I can be back at work on Saturday. Retail is hell. But it does pay the mortgage.

Here's to hoping everyone has a Merry Christmas. It's 27 degrees and clear. The first rays of sunlight are appearing among the trees out back. The nights are a minute shorter with each passing day. 85 days til Spring 2010.


Anonymous said...

Have a great day, safe trip and a very merry Christmas!
- Daisy in AZ

denise said...

merry christmas! your blog has been very inspirational. keep up the good work.

lynn'sgarden said...

Hey Tom, hopefully the heater is up and running now for you! 'Though short, enjoy your family time. Pretty photo ;)

Darla said...

Do get that heater going Tom. Have a Merry Christmas!!

compost in my shoe said...

A big merry one from Charleston, SC....keep warm!

Jeff Vandiver said...

Tom - I remember when I was a kid, Daddy would always put a big stick of sweetgum in our heater. It burns really slow, and all night, too.
BTW, I'm enjoying seeing you use the cloner for different things, especially roses.

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

Have a nice Christmas with your family.

gld said...

Tom,be grateful you have a job; one of our major employers just laid off 250 people two days ago!

Sorry the stove went out.

Have a wonderful Christmas with your family!

Interesting, you are about 20 degrees colder than we are right now.....but we are under a winter storm warning with high winds and up to 6 inches of snow predicted. Supposed to be hitting around 6 this evening.

Randy Emmitt said...

Enjoy your Christmas and have a great New Years. It is pouring rain on our snow at the moment!