Sunday, December 13, 2009

Blurry Sunday.

I make no apologies.

The perennial bed.

The backyard is full of green and brown. I need more winter interest in the form of color.

The birdbath still has ice in it. The one I made a couple weeks ago cracked when I removed it from the "form". I'll try again this spring, casting it in place in a bed in the backyard. I might scatter a few around the meadow garden.

Mr. Lincoln, after several nights in the low 20s and many heavy frosts.

Nandinas along the back of the house. The dead ivy is dead.

It's 34 degrees, drizzly and foggy. Last night I saw the first snowflakes of the year. I was on the way home from the family gathering just over an hour south of here. When I arrived home, it was just beginning to rain here. My mom gave me her electric blanket. The cat is very appreciative.

Today, I've already swept and mopped the floors twice. Dust from sanding the kitchen has permeated every room and surface in the house. I'll be mopping dusty floors for weeks. The seed swap will be finished as more rain moves in this afternoon. It's supposed to warm up a bit to the mid-40s. We'll see.


Jimmy said...

I have been reading your blog just short of a year, and gosh how things have changed with the garden (and you). It is just amazing all you have accomplished.
"Ivy dead" wish! I've been dealing with dead Ivy for 10 years now. ;P

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

Jim, I've been going back over the pictures I took several years ago. I've seen some amazing accomplishments and some things that need a lot of work still. I guess it will always be that way. I've learned patience and tolerance.

That ivy is dead. I cut a 6" swath across the bottom of the house, removing any stems or pieces that could possibly touch soil and root. There might still be ivy in the ground, but THAT ivy is dead.

L. D. said...

Mr. Lincoln is tough to the core. I never thought a rose had a personality, but your rose seems like a character of it's own.